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Vision for Connecticut

For children and families to be connected to the care they need to grow up healthy and thrive.


Our state’s vision is for children and their families to be connected to the care they need to grow up healthy and thrive. To do this we are working to build a more robust array of behavioral health services – from prevention and early intervention to treatment and recovery. We are also working to coordinate and integrate health and mental health services across child serving systems. That means no matter what “door” or “system” a child enter thorough, (such as pediatrics, school, juvenile justice, or child welfare), they can be matched to the treatment, services, and supports they need, rather than the ones they qualify for.

Connecticut’s vision for connecting children and families to care was initially outlined in the 2014 Behavioral Health Plan for Children. The plan set goals and strategies to be implemented by the end of 2019, as well as a collective long term vision for the State. In 2014, while the Behavioral Health Plan for Children was being developed, Connecticut was simultaneously awarded a federal grant to integrate child-serving systems into a “network of care” to equally and effectively serve all children and families. This grant funded the Connecticut Network of Care Transformation (CONNECT) initiative from 2014-2019.

The Network of Care approach to children’s mental health reform is reflected in Connecticut’s Behavioral Health Plan for Children and continues to guide our state’s ongoing reform efforts.

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