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Data Integration


Families in Connecticut do not have access to data regarding characteristics of their community or outcomes of publicly funded services.  The vision of the Data Integration workgroup is to improve statewide data sharing through a user-driven process across child serving sectors to drive planning, policy, budgeting and decision making to transform local, regional and statewide networks of care.


The goal of this workgroup is to create an open, accessible, transparent and publicly available data system that is useful, understandable and user friendly. In support of the Governor’s Open Data Policy Executive order and the Connecticut Data Collaborative’s mission of making data accessible, this collaboration provides an opportunity for families, providers and state agency partners to share and identify data needs, measure strengths, gaps and opportunities to build an integrated statewide system.


Work Plan


CONNECTing Annual Reports

Activities and outcomes from the Fiscal Mapping workgroup are reflected in the CONNECTing Children and Families to Care Annual Reports.

Data Stories

To find data on the six regions of Connecticut, visit the Connecticut Data Collaborative’s Data Stories website. Each story will walk you through who lives here, who works here, their educational experiences, and health outcomes. The stories highlight why these data are important and how you can use them, and include links to view relevant datasets. Alternatively, you can visit to search datasets with regional and town level dashboards.