The development of the statewide plan will be completed in three phases:

  1. Phase One (January – August 2014) will involve two types of activities:
    • A series of meetings and facilitated discussions to solicit input from consumers, families, 
content experts, and state and local stakeholders
    • Review and synthesis of existing data, reports, and other information to help develop a 
comprehensive picture of the system including strengths, weaknesses, needs and gaps.

  2. Phase Two (September – October 2014) will involve review and revision of the draft plan by 
key stakeholders with a final plan delivered to the legislature in October 2014. The plan is 
intended to be a work in progress that will be expanded and refined in subsequent years.

  3. Phase Three (October 2014 – October 2019) will involve: refinement of the plan in response 
to legislature, stakeholder, and consumer feedback; collaboration with the General Assembly to develop an implementation plan; biennial progress reports; ongoing consultation and technical assistance to assist in efforts to implement the plan and develop a behavioral health system that is in alignment with the goals and provisions of PA 13-178.